RE-START FOR FREEDOM With Heidi And Paul Vodrup In Bend Oregon USA

Overwhelmed? It can be tough dealing with the emotions of going through major transition and change! Welcome to this next episode of The BeLoved Miracles Couples Project! Today we are reaching from Norway to Bend, Oregon, USA Heidi and Paul Vodrup AKA “The Vodes” went from losing everything they had, bankrupt, broke, and living inRead more

Quantum Marketing With Josh And Cheryl In Golden Shores, Arizona, USA

Imagine What You Could Do With 6 Arms! Combine those arms with being G.I. Jane and you have your introduction to the Business Warrior Ways. You would be taking massive action and making stuff happen!  That’s exactly what Josh and Cheryl have been experiencing implementing a system.  A system fostering a 2017 quantum level mindsetRead more

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